I had fun creating the “Croc-Bot”. I originally created this to star in a short animation, mainly for the practice. I like working in 3D but I am far from being a master at it. So I thought that creating a robot, or at least something mechanical, would be easier to bone / rig because there aren’t any muscles to flex, clothes to bend and wrinkle, and you don’t have to think about skin envelopes. I never got around to animating it… but I did finish rigging it.

The lighting and environment is still very simple, and I didn’t do any post render editing either so I know it is missing a bit of an atmosphere. I had always like the “Flying Tigers“, the P-40 paintings of the mouth on the plane and wanted to incorporate a similar painting on the Croc-Bot without copying the original design of the Flying Tigers. Plus, let’s face it, the mouth gives this machine a bit of a personality.

Most of the materials are from 3DS Max’s “arch+design mental ray” materials like paint and chrome. The decals I made in Photoshop. The environment materials are tiled materials. I believe the concrete is a default material and the wall tiles came from Dawid Michalczyk’ site.