Lost Supper

This is my rendition of the LOST Supper. I had the idea to do such a painting after having finished watching the series again and during my researching and collecting references I discovered ABC Studios had photographed their version of the LOST Supper. So, I wasn’t sure about actually doing it since it had kind of already been done. However, a few friends helped convince me otherwise. I think the chosen characters and their placement makes sense and works well. I tried to keep a lot of the poses the same, or near the same, as in da Vinci’s Last Supper. Since da Vinci’s is in rather bad shape I also referred to Giovanni Rizzoli’s copy of Leonardo’s painting.

2 thoughts on “Lost Supper

  1. This is excellent work Ryan. I like very much the idea. It was interesting for me to recognize all these characters from Lost and put them in correlation to the characters from da Vinci’s work.

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