Marie Curie

Albeit this subject is not the liveliest, she was kind of fun. She kept reminding me of the bride of Frankenstein. You see it too? Well, it is supposed to be Marie Curie… which in some senses, I guess, it isn’t too far away from being her. The initial sketch was on paper with pencil and the sepia coloration and detail work was done in Photoshop. Some have stated issues with her eyes and with the image’s border. However, in my defense, I purposely left the lighting glare and reflectiosn from her eyes because I wanted to get across the impression I got after looking at all the photos of Marie Curie. That being of emptiness and an almost ghostly presence. I don’t know if that was really the case or simply the result of having to pose for photos back when there wasn’t flash and they had to pose and be still for a short period of time. And the image border I tried to decorate with radio active symbols… some don’t mind them, some like them, and others can’t stand them… you can please some of the people…

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