…I used to be someone…

by Ryan Nore

I used to be someone!
Someone that had it all!
Nothing couldn’t be done!
Everything made sense as I recall.
Life had meaning and so did I.
Everyday was a blessing,
and the future was bright…
… but now something is missing…
… I used to be someone…

There seemed to have been a bit of confusion as to what exactly the author, me, was saying in this poem… I think the easiest way to explain would be to draw from a movie that most of us have seen… “Jerry Maguire” where he tells the love of his life that she completes him… If you lose the person you thought was your soulmate… that person that “completes” you… then you might not feel whole… but only a part of someone… an incomplete someone… a bit confused and in a state where nothing really seems quite right. Anyway, I thought I would clarify just in case… I know it never mentions losing their soulmate…just that something is missing… and that is probably why it is so easy to misinterpret…


Recently my life has thrown me a few hurdles to overcome. Life does that on occasion to everyone. Some hurdles are a bit taller than others, but still just a hurdle nonetheless. My approach is always to jump the hurdle and get it out of the way… deal with it. You know? Even if my “jumping the hurdle” isn’t always of a gazelle like quality.

But I get advice, here and there, about how I should try and bury myself in something else… to keep my mind occupied so that I simply move away from the hurdle and continue my life in another direction rather than taking my lumps, scratches and bruises to get over the hurdle and continue my journey in the direction I had originally started out. I generally don’t say much in contradiction because I know they are just trying to help. But it always confuses me a bit. It has always been my experience that if you avoid a hurdle you can’t finish the race… eventually you will have to jump the hurdle. I think it is easier when you know why that hurdle is there in the first place…

The Tree

by Ryan Nore



There it stood with its limbs outstretched,
Taking in all the sun its delicate leaves could catch.

The beautiful young sapling, in stone set its roots.
A very rough beginning and succeeded by few,

But once this young tree’s roots took hold,
No storm could destroy it, regardless of how bold.

Bending in winds and leaves stripped away,
limbs ruthlessly snapped, yet still the young tree would remain,

Standing upright, outstretched with its glory…
Not “The End”, yet the beginning of the story!

Its Yours

by Ryan Nore

A ray of sun light has come to brighten your day,
Instead you toss up your hands to block its rays.

Like cockroaches you run for the cover of black,
And spew nasty things that you can’t take back.

Your world is threatened so opposition you must be,
Cowering in your corner so that you aren’t able to see.

Relax, no fear, be steady and your world you’ll regain,
To live again in the shadows of your clouds full of rain.

Congratulations and praises from all for all that you know,
Illusions of grandeur, stagnate, and no hope for growth.

I’m sorry for intruding and planting a flower in your hole,
I was not aware you were content and happy as a mole.

Live long but be weary of steel spikes from the sky,
I bid you adieu, so long and good bye.

Judgement Day

by Ryan Nore

‘Twas the night before judgment and all through the Land,
The masses were quivering from the fear of God’s hand.

They know how they’ve lived has been unkind and so wrong,
Yet they did nothing to change for they doubted all along.

The signs of coming judgment were plenty, heard loud and clear,
They dawn their masks of purity to watch the “sinners” disappear.

Some stocked their storm cellars with supplies and canned goods,
As they contemplate their lives with regret and lost “shoulds”.

Others know they have “sinned” and cannot be saved,
Their road to hell is straight, hot and paved..

At the moment of judgment they are violent and thieving,
Knowing in their heads that their God must be seething.

Others who are desperate, fearful and riddled with guilt,
Weep mournfully for the family members they have just killed.

Everything stops and silence surrounds,
As the moment is upon us and the church bells sound.

It has not happened, judgment hasn’t come…
What does it mean has the Devil then won?

Seeing the results of their deeds as they fall from their shock,
They find that judgment day happened just as they sought.

They now look at themselves and judge what they’ve done,
Now knowing what is meant by they and God are as One.

They have all lived an eternity in the Hell they had built.
The earth is now shrouded with a cold somber quilt…

What happens now, I can’t really say…
For I know not how many will change…

I do know we all have the power to change,
Not only ourselves but many things of a vast range.

It’s not in our interest to practice the art of unconcern,
for in the hell of others we will all burn.

Do all that you can to create the ideal “heaven on earth”,
For then a new age of consciousness will be given birth.