Warhammer Invasion

This piece, titled “Invasion” is a sort of study or practice piece. I realized I needed to work on my ambient lighting in paintings to help bring across an emotion that might not be obvious within the action or focus of the painting. Mainly for the painting I started planning a couple of weeks ago. I will possibly do a couple more studies of a different nature because somethings I will be attempting are not really me or part of my style at all.
Invasion” was painted in MyPaint and Photoshop using a Wacom Intuos graphic tablet.

Cloud Gazer

Here’s my attempt at a steampunk like airship. I had fun creating this and it finally inspired me to create my website. The sketches of the actual airship and the man standing on the deck were, at one time, pieces incorporated into my site’s header image.

The main subjects of this painting were first sketch on paper in pencil and then painted digitally in Photoshop using a mouse. This was prior to having purchased my first drawing tablet, Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch. I am considering to revisit this painting in a more serious fashion and give it a bit more of an eerie feeling.