Star Wars Comic Art

As a kid I was always fascinated and drawn in with comic books and the stories they told. Among my most favorited were “X-Men” and “Avengers“. Aside from the fact that these stories were about people that were born different and through that they were shunned, or even hunted, by those they were risking their lives to protect, I was also drawn in by the art work. The pictorial form of telling a story was intriguing and captivating. I have always been a more visually stimulated person. The printed word seemed to be almost hypnotic through which I would simply zone out and not understand a word I had read. Therefore I would wind up reading the same paragraph again and again just to understand and remember everything I had been attempting to consume.

Another childhood favorite was the Star Wars movies. I didn’t want to do the original stories because they have been done by multiple publishers. So, I had read a few post Battle of Endor novels (21-26 years post) from the “The New Jedi Order” series and decided to do a bit from one of those novels as a graphic novel. Below is an excerpt from Balance Point chapter 14…

Story and Original novel by Kathy Tyers


These drawings / concept pieces were inspired after watching “The Spiderwick Chronicles“. The thought of fairies blending into nature through having the appearance of commonly seen creatures or objects was provocative to say the least. I believe everyone in our house were either drawing their imagined creatures or building their own fairy encyclopedias. These sketches are pencil on paper.


Dragonfly Fairy inspired by The Spiderwick Chronicles

Dragonfly Fairy inspired by The Spiderwick Chronicles

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Eiffel Tower

This drawing / illustration of the Eiffel Tower was originally created, in 2007, to be part of a background in a header image for a website. And, even though the actual size of this drawing is approximately 20cm X 30cm, it was used at nearly a tenth of its original size with a pink wash and a poodle standing in front of it. It was sketched with pencil on paper and then drawn in ink.