Pachisi – Ludo

My son wanted to play Pachisi… or “Sorry” as I knew it from when I was a kid. So, he and I created a board out of a paper grocery bag using coins as playing pieces. Well, needless to say it lead to the creation of this game board.

The Die is a piece of Verdite and mounted in the center of the board. The game piece drawer handle and latch handle are also made from Verdite. The design has a bit of a Celtic feel and all lines have been burned into the wood using a wood burner. There are four dragons placed in each corner of the board which symbolize the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water). The stones in the center of the game pieces are also found in the eyes of the dragons and are as follows:

  • Earth – Carnelian
  • Wind – Lapis Lazuli
  • Fire – Amber
  • Water – Jade

It is pretty much all out of wood, except for the stones and silver hardware that connects the drawer handle to the drawer and the latch lever… also there are two decorative Tibetan silver spacers that keep the die centered in the square hole in the center of the board. Other than that there is a brass screw in each corner and felt pads on the underside.

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