This is my entry for the Human Nature Challenge at CG Gallery. It should depict mainly judgment but of course, as with most things, it also displays other human behaviorisms.

This image shows four judges sitting up high on their a s s e s (donkeys) and their individual approaches to someone that has bared himself to them. One is scornful, another arrogant, a third ridiculing, and the last is apathetic.

This painting is not so much about judges as it is about people’s natural behavior in judging others based upon their own limited viewpoints as a result of their own limited experiences. The judges themselves merely represent the most common reactions towards those they have judged. And the judged shows a common reaction for those that have been judged.

It was created in Photoshop.

One thought on “Judgement

  1. What I like in this work is that you managed to transmit the dark atmosphere and scary feelings that come as the result of all kind of negative human behaviorism.

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