Tarot Cards

This summer my ex-wife, Sabina Nore, had the brilliant idea to create her version of tarot cards. I loved the idea and so we started together. Creating tarot card art seems to be something a lot of famous artists wind up doing at some point. I have completed The Magician, The Tower, and Wheel of Fortune but I couldn’t decide upon any one style. So, I created each card in four variances.

Each was first sketched in pencil, inked and then finished in Photoshop.

4 thoughts on “Tarot Cards

  1. I love your Tarot cards. My preference are your drawing and brownish coloured version. It would be great to see your Major Arcana. Keep on creating excellent pieces of art.

  2. The Tower is nicely done!
    I mostly like your Tarot-cards, when they are in that brownisch colour, with some colour additions, like the fire being red or such..

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