Its Yours

by Ryan Nore

A ray of sun light has come to brighten your day,
Instead you toss up your hands to block its rays.

Like cockroaches you run for the cover of black,
And spew nasty things that you can’t take back.

Your world is threatened so opposition you must be,
Cowering in your corner so that you aren’t able to see.

Relax, no fear, be steady and your world you’ll regain,
To live again in the shadows of your clouds full of rain.

Congratulations and praises from all for all that you know,
Illusions of grandeur, stagnate, and no hope for growth.

I’m sorry for intruding and planting a flower in your hole,
I was not aware you were content and happy as a mole.

Live long but be weary of steel spikes from the sky,
I bid you adieu, so long and good bye.

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